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Security Engineering
The objective of this portal

The objective of the news portal, "Security Engineering," is to distribute information on security threats to the public, organizations, facilities, and local communities, on existing regulations and potential new regulations, and on organizations, methods, and means to ensure the security of these entities.

The portal is addressed primarily to:

  • persons who are responsible for providing internal security for the country, states, counties, municipalities, organizations, institutions, etc.;
  • persons involved in the improvement of security services, ie. academics in security, analysts and designers of security systems, designers of equipment to counter threats using computer-aided systems, security managers, and emergency responders;
  • people responsible for security trainings (the training is organized into three sections: security engineering, internal security, and national security);
  • students pursuing degrees related to security;
  • individuals who want to exchange ideas and make suggestions to improve security.

Information published on this web site includes:

  • articles from the scientific journal, "Problems of Security  Engineering", which presents the results of scientific research in the broad area of security engineering;
  • the meaning and interpretation of terms relating to security (we hope that the "lexicon" will be  especially helpful to those who are making their first steps in this field);
  • legal regulations related to security;
  • the heads of ministerial departments responsible for security and interpreting security regulations;
  • information on security training (higher and secondary education, postgraduate studies and specialized training courses), including educational standards, proposals for programs, and selected educational materials;
  • information on educational opportunities related to public security;
  • calendar of events relating to security, including announcements and issues related to the improvement of security.



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